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The Morningside Breast Care Unit

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The Morningside breast care was established with aim of providing optimal care for patients with breast cancer treated at the Morningside clinic.

This is achieved through weekly meetings held where surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, radiologists, plastic surgeons, pathologists and allied medical personnel such as dieticians, counselors, physiotherapists discuss individual cases and recommend treatment that is individualised and appropriate for the management of each case.

We believe in the holistic management of patients with cancers and attention to all details regarding each treatment are addressed in the forum thereby ensuring that you receive the best possible available treatment.

The role of the MDT in the care of breast cancer patients

The multidisciplinary approach to the management of patients with cancers has led to the biggest advances and improvements in cancer care over the past 30 years. Patients with breast cancer are all individuals with their own peculiar set of circumstances that need to be borne in mind when deciding on the best treatment for their condition.

From an oncology point of view decisions need to be taken as to whether breast conservation or mastectomy is appropriate, the extent of treatment required to the glands under the arm, cosmetic reconstruction following surgery and the need for adjuvant treatments such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy or hormonal therapy.

General breast surgeons, plastic surgeons, pathologists, radiologists, radiation and medical oncologists are present at all meetings to help make these decisions. The impact of a diagnosis of cancer, cosmetic deformities or loss of a breast can have a severe impact on quality of life and to help cope with these changes, qualified counsellors are present to assist.

Physiotherapists play an important role in restoring full movement and power to your arm following surgery, preventing and treating severe side effects of surgery and radiation therapy such as swelling of the breast or arm. dieticians play a role in coping with some of side effects of treatment and to ensure a good nutritional status during and after treatment that has been shown to improve outcomes.