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Will I Need Chemotherapy?

Not everyone who gets diagnosed with Breast Cancer will need chemotherapy. The decision regarding chemotherapy is based on the biology of the cancer, and your Oncologist will discuss this with you. This includes assessment of the Endocrine Receptor Status, Her 2 status and KI 67, the so called ‘IHC4”, based on the pathology report.

Depending on your specific case the Oncologist may request a genomic profiling of your specific cancer. This assesses a number of genes(these differ according to the test used) to assess the risk of the cancer coming back with and without chemotherapy. This is like the “signature” of the cancer. There are different tests like the Oncotype DX or Mammaprint that are available for this indication.

A “one size fits all” approach is no longer appropriate. The treatment will be individualised according to your specific cancer, and your unique situation.