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Zahn Otto - Dietitian

zahn ottoZhan is a registered dietitian, in private practice for almost 18years, specializing in Medical Nutrition Therapy, and consulting from her rooms at Mediclinic Morningside. 

She consults to Breast Cancer patients during and after treatment, to optimize nutritional care, manage possible side effects and risk factors associated with recurrence risk.


She is experienced in oral nutritional supplementation, enteral (Nasogastric or PEG feeding) and parenteral nutrition, often required during the cancer treatment process.

Zhan sees patients in the wards as well as in her rooms, regarding as wide spectrum of nutrition related, medical concerns such as GIT disorders, Kidney Injury, Diabetes, Fertility, Pregnancy, Pre and Post Surgery, Food Intolerances and Allergies, Rheumatoid conditions, sensible Weight Management, Eating Disorders and Oncology.

She is a member of SASPEN, ADSA, ESPEN, PEN, Hospital Dietitians Interest Group, Morningside Head and Neck Oncology and Breast Cancer Forums.

Telephone: +27 11 784 6185